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"PulseChain's Fastest & Simplest Fiat Onramp Solution."

Use PulseLN in combination with CashApp, Coinbase, Binance, or any other popular exchange as an instant onramp & offramp to PLS, HEX, & other PulseChain assets.

Enjoy the three fastest and most popular blockchains with cheap fees, PulseChain, Bitcoin's Lightning Network & Binance Smart Chain.

Bridging Networks

PulseLN allows you to swap PLS, BTC (Lightning Network Enabled), HEX, & BNB in less than ~10 seconds for low fees.

PulseChain users can now instantly access 1000s of low cost services on the Lightning Network including Shopify, BitRefill (gift cards), Bitcart (Amazon), Strike (fiat), and more. Visit LN Stores for more information.

Bitcoin users can finally instantly access PulseChain, the fastest Layer 1 blockchain and the most popular high yield savings asset in the cryptoverse, HEX. Visit HEX.com for more information.

PLN, the PulseLN Founder's token, could launch with mainnet and accrue all PulseLN.com swap fees.

PLN Token

PLN is a Founder's token that could accrue all swap fees from PulseLN.com. PLN may be airdropped for free to certain PLS (PulseChain) addresses.

PulseLN's Automatic Buy & Burn function could use fees to buy PLN from the PulseX [PLN/PLS] pair and burn it on a regular basis.

PLN token's Max Supply could be fixed at launch and constantly decrease due to the the automatic buy & burn function.

Exchange Listing of PLN on PulseX could ensure easy access for users. The PLN/PLS pair could likely be the most liquid PLN pool if listed.

PulseChain is Live

Visit the PulseLN Exchange and read the PulseLN Support Documentation now to try a pre-launch version of the service. If you haven't connected to PulseChain yet, follow the instructions below.

PulseChain is currently live. You can connect MetaMask now to view a copy of all of your ERC20 Tokens.

To connect to Pulsechain, open MetaMask, and click the Networks dropdown. Select "Custom Network". Now enter the following information:
Network Name:


Chain ID:

Currency Symbol:

Block Explorer URL:

You must manually add your ERC20s for them to show. The snapshot for the balances for this testnet were a couple months ago.

Swap between PLS and thousands of PRC20s on PulseX. You can see all Pulsechain activity on the Block Explorer.

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